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About Maurade

Born: Exeter Devon England

Maurade has spent the past 4 decades, sketching and painting the things she loves most, animals and children. After winning a scholarship to the Banff School of Fine Arts in her senior year of High School, she embarked on a journey to hone and refine her skills as a fine artist. Her passion is to re-create the personalities of her subjects, whether it be a mischievious litter of puppies, or the innocence of a child, exploring their world, discovering for the first time what we  have all enjoyed in our own childhood. To tell a visual story of a fleeting moment in time. The delight on a little boys face as he shares a puddle of spring water with his black lab, or a basket of golden retriever puppies waking up from a nap, looking to get into mischief. Maurade's work is based primarily on her own experiences with anything living and breathing. Even the delicate petals of a beautiful flower capture her interests and inspire her to want to re-create it's beauty and enjoy it for many years to come. Take a look around her site and share the passion with her. 

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