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My Personal Hobbies and Interests

Our dog, our house build, our gardening.

Our little Cheri.....A Blue Merle Sheltie

These are the first photos taken when we brought Cheri home with us from Madselin Kennels, in Falkland B.C. February 26th 2012. Her birthdate is June 2nd 2005. She will be 7 years old. Madselin Kennels owned her for  4 of those years, breeding several litters from her only to produce 4 champion daughters. She is now the proud grandma of a litter of puppies to be born in the next little while.She is double registered in the U.S and Canada. A dual citizen :-)

She is a shy little girl, but wants to please us. 

Our House Build​
John and I started our build in the fall of 2002. We bought the 2.24 acre parcel of land for the beautiful view and we liked the name "Shadow Ridge Estates" This is why we called our gallery "Shadow Ridge Gallery"It has been a labour of love over the past decade. The house, including triple garages, measures 6000 sq. ft. Our friend Dennis Weber and his wife Sharon came out that summer and were very instrumental in helping construct  the house to lock up. We then  forged ahead on our own to the finish stages. It was an incredible learning curve, one that we both enthusiastically took very seriously. We designed the house to include a beautiful, open concept studio, surrounded by very large windows on three exposures. You will see the progress in stages to the present day.


In these photos, I will take you through my progress in developing my Landscaping and flowerbed areas. I had a blank canvas of over 2 acres to work with, and had the pleasure of moulding and sculpting beautiful areas to enjoy all summer long.

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